Project Based Learning

Project-Based Learning (PBL) allows students to think critically, apply creativity, research, and investigate real-world problems. PBL is a great way to engage students in the classroom and allow them to take the lead in their learning.

This page is a collection of Project-Based Learning resources to help give you ideas and get started.

An overview on how to get started:



Cell Project Ideas

Here are some project ideas for students to showcase their knowledge about cells. It also helps differentiated learning as well!

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Ecosystem Project

A detailed plan for an ecosystem project.

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Explorer Project

This is an instruction sheet to assign an explorer project.

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How do the Earth, Moon, and Sun Interact?

How do the Earth, Moon, and Sun interact? The essential question for this project. There are tons of activities included in this project for students to do!

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Mission Project

Use this mission presentation instruction sheet to assign a mission project.

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Native American Project

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Probability Project


To conclude your unit on probability, have students complete this project. The Probability Project has students practice creating and conducting surveys, creating different graphs, finding the mean, median, and mode, and much more!

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Solar System Project – Choice Boards

This project is great for differentiation. Students choose from a choice board of activities that involve the solar system. After completing two activities, students are to write about their experience, then present on it. Here are a couple of choice boards you could use from to use with your students:

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Solar System Project – News Report

Students become news reporters in this project. Students are assigned an essential question: Are the Earth, moon, and Sun planets? After researching, students are to give a news report on the topic. This document also includes a fill-in page students could use while researching.

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